Of Finnish and German heritage, Petra Casén grew up in Helsingborg in Sweden. During her formative years, Hans Pålsson had the most profound influence on her musical development. At the age of 16 she was offered a place to study at Edsberg – the Music College of the Swedish Radio outside Stockholm. Two years later she received a British Council Scholarship which enabled her to further her studies in London with Peter Feuchtwanger and Ruth Nye.

keyboardIn addition, she has participated in masterclasses with Hans Leygraf and Christof Lieske at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, with Kenneth Gilbert and Jordi Savall and received coaching in chamber music from Frans Helmersson, Endre and Jennifer Wolf, Lars Frydén, William Pleeth, Karine Georgian, Manough Parikian and Stephen Isserlis amongst others.

Since her solo recital debut aged 15 and her concerto debut with the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra 3 years later, Petra has had a varied career, combining solo playing with playing chamber music as well as working with singers, dancers and in the theatre. More recently she has composed music for film.